Village of North Freedom

14.13 SWIMMING POOLS REGULATED. (1) FENCING REQUIRED. No swimming pool shall be used, constructed, erected, or maintained in any residence district unless the said swimming pool, or the property on which it is located, shall be surrounded by a fence or a wall not less than 4 feet in height above the ground which shall have a gate with a lock so as to prevent uncontrolled access by children to the pool water. (2) DEFINITION.  A swimming pool is defined as any above or below ground enclosure of water to include, but not be limited to, a natural or manmade tank or pool of sufficient size, depth, or height to enclose water at any point of greater than 1 ½ feet in depth.


No owner or occupant of any lot or parcel shall allow such property to become overgrown with any weeds or grass so as to constitute a public nuisance, as defined in sec. 10.03 (7) of this chapter.

10.03 (7) NOXIOUS WEEDS.  All noxious weeds, as defined in 66.96 (1), Wis. Stats. In addition, other rank growth of vegetation, and all weeds, grasses, and plants over 12 inches in height excluding trees and shrubs which:

(a) detract from the surrounding area and properties

(b) become a possible fire hazard, as determined by the Fire Chief

(c) become a health hazard due to their pollen or a potential cover for disease-carrying rodents and other small animals

(d) are of infectious or poisonous nature in or adjacent to a populated area, regardless of height

(e) become a potential hazard to vehicular traffic in vision clearance triangles


***As a courtesy please do not blow grass clippings into the street. Also make sure to maintain weeds and grass growing over the curbs and in cracks in the sidewalk***

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